It’s almost summer!  My late-spring trip to France was lovely.  Cold, exhausting, exhilarating, but truly lovely.  A definite highlight was our open-top tour in a vintage Citroen.

Back in February, when it was cold and rainy and we were celebrating our sixth birthday, I shared that we would be adding to our team.  I am so pleased to share that we have – twice! 

Linda Marks worked with Lisa and the entire team when we were at Melita.  She was able to join us, on very short notice, to work on a several month project.  It’s especially gratifying to hear from clients who we think have “graduated” from our services, but who call us right away when they need trusted HR expertise on their team.  We’re so happy to have Linda back with us, even if it’s only for a few more months. (But I’m hoping to find more great projects that will benefit from an empathetic straight-shooter who thrives in chaos, so please keep us in mind.)

Christina Reyes joined the team earlier this month.  Christina brings exactly the combination of experience that makes a great HR consultant, as well as the same practical approach to HR as the rest of the team.  Highlights of Christina’s great background include working at a large PEO, a small boutique HR consulting firm, and in various industries like distribution and shipping.  Christina lives in Southern California, so Affogato HR Consulting spans the state from north to south and from the coast to the foothills. 

What else is happening?  We’re continuing to learn more about the required Workplace Violence Prevention Plan; see this message and contact us if you need assistance.  We’re also paying attention to some federal changes, even though they won’t have much impact in California.  Those are the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, the increase in the minimum salary under FLSA and the upcoming end of non-compete agreements.  If you think any of those may apply to your non-California employees, let’s talk

Thank you for your support, which has allowed us to expand our team.  We appreciate our clients and friends and hope to do more great work with you.


Jonna, Lisa, Lisha, Suzanne, Karen, Linda and Christina