If you know me, you know how much I love my birthday. It’s not about cake or candles or wishes, just a day to celebrate how wonderful life is. And while most businesses celebrate anniversaries, at Affogato we’ve always called it our birthday. Why? Because it’s a great day to celebrate how wonderful life is.

Our gift to ourselves this year is a brand new website. Lisa and I worked hard on our original website and I still love it. But we’ve evolved and I’m pleased to share our updated site, which shows off the entire Affogato team. Take a look at www.affogatohr.com. And if you would like to gift us with a picture of you (and your team or friends or family) enjoying an affogato, we will thank you with a cup of coffee.

Six is a big birthday, so we’re making an even bigger deal of it. We are growing our team, looking to add our sixth employee to our fully-remote California-based team. Referrals for this part-time role are welcome. Learn more here.

As always, thank you! We appreciate all of our clients, partners and colleagues!


Jonna, Lisa, Lisha, Suzanne and Karen