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Helping you manage the bitter and sweet of Human Resources.

What is Affogato?

Welcome to Affogato HR Consulting – Where the Art of Human Resources Management Meets the Craft of an Affogato

In the complex and changing business landscape, having a trusted advisor, a consigliere (we love our Italian words!), in Human Resources is as essential as the perfect blend of espresso and gelato in a delightful affogato.

Like an affogato perfectly balances the rich bitterness of hot espresso with the sweet creamy texture of frozen gelato, the team at Affogato HR Consulting understand the delicate balance in HR management – the blend of informed compliance (our espresso) with the nurturing of a positive organizational culture (our gelato).

We’re here to help you navigate the intricacies of HR with the wisdom and discretion of a seasoned consigliere (but in a “good guy” way). We offer tailored HR solutions, understanding that each organization is unique. We don’t just check the box for HR, we immerse ourselves in the ethos of your company, so that your HR strategy enhances and supports your overall mission.

Benvenuti a Affogato HR Consulting – where wisdom, trust, and the perfect balance of bitter and sweet come together to create excellence in human resources management.

The lyrics from this song, “Twenty-Five” by Lake Street Dive sum it up perfectly!


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